Susan DeYoung, a professional with a diverse career path, showcases her adaptability and unwavering persistence. After graduating from Central Washington University, she dedicated over 20 years to the mortgage industry. In 2009, Susan made a transition to the district court legal system, where she served with distinction for over 14 years, embodying principles of integrity and compassion. Now, Susan is returning to the mortgage field, driven by her passion for public service and her eagerness to assist individuals with their financial needs.

Outside of her professional life, Susan finds solace and inspiration in her love for music, and cherishes her hobby of photography, capturing life’s art through her lens. She also values the time spent with her loved ones, forging lasting memories and nurturing meaningful connections. Her diverse journey is a testament to her steadfast commitment to excellence and positively impacting her community.

As Susan re-enters the realm of mortgage lending, she is excited and ready to lead with passion and assist future and current homeowners with their lending needs. She is driven to make a difference in her hometown and throughout the state, fueled by her dedication to serving others.